Cat Grooming

We offer full cat grooming for all needs and all breeds. We can provide total grooming of all dead hair leaving your cats coat completely knot and matt free. Additionally we can provide a range of clipping and cutting expertise as well as offering fantastic advice that will have your cat happier than ever.

  • Claws clipping, ear and eye cleaning are all part of our grooming session!
  • We offer dry or wet bath and we only use top quality shampoos and coat conditioners.
  • We groom from regular brush outs to the severely matted cat coats.
  • We blow dry by hand.
  • Total grooming of all dead hair
  • Thinning, trimming and clipping
  • Full clip (Lion cut)

We will support and help you to keep his or her coat in tip-top condition between grooming sessions, including advice on cat grooming products.

To keep a cat’s coat in good condition we recommend visiting our professional groomer every 4-6 weeks!

Hygiene Clip
A hygiene clip is where the fur is taken off all around the toilet area of the cat, therefore stopping any waste matter attaching to the coat of the cat.

Clipping takes place when it is impossible to groom the fur where it is matted or knotted without causing pain and distress to the cat.

Trimming can not be done with scissors for two reasons, the first reason is it is very dangerous to use scissors on any cat, the cat will jump and leap without warning. Vet’s surgeries are full with cats getting stitched after being cut with scissors by their owners. The second reason, scissors leave a chopped and unnatural look to the cat’s coat. Trimming must be done with thinners!

Thinning can be done to thin a cat with a very thick coat leaving a natural look.

Nail Clipping
This procedure is essential in older cats. The nails grow thick and long in older cats, and in many cases grow into the pads of the cat’s paw. Nail clipping in young outdoor cats is not advisable, they need their nails to protect themselves and for clinging on when high up.

If your cat is a longhaired cat, this is where we come into the equation. We offer a range of treatments for de-knotting, from straight forward clipping to teasing out knots very carefully. Ideally, only professionals should do this, as cats’ skin is very easily torn. Grooming your cat also minimizes hairballs in your cats stomach by removing the loose hairs that otherwise be swallowed, collect and cause problems later.

Problem with cat grooming? Not for us!

Done to Professional standard by trained cat groomers. Badly matted coats clipped down/undercoat stripped without the need for anaesthetic just tender loving care.

All breeds groomed , Persian cat grooming a speciality.

Grooming cats the caring way, giving your cat a stress free experience:

  • Only one cat treated at any one time, no distractions and in a Peaceful Atmosphere
  • Stringent hygiene procedures
  • All types of coat condition treated, from the badly matted to the standard undercoat-strip groom
  • All cats handled with patience and understanding regardless of temperament, including nervous, aggressive and elderly cats
  • Expert handling procedures enabling ‘in depth’ grooming to be performed
  • Where other groomers fail to correctly handle and tackle even the most difficult tasks, we step in!

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