Wash and Go

This service is best suited to short haired breeds ‘Wash and Go’ – this is one of our ‘in and out’ services ideal for pets that are just in need of a really good scrub!

The ‘Wash and Go’ service includes a warm hydro-bath from nose to toes, coat conditioner to give your pampered pooch an ultra shine, ears cleaned, toe nails clipped and a spritz of sweet smelling spray to keep you hugging them for days! (This does not include clip or styling of your pet.)

This service includes:

  • Hydro-bath
  • Dry
  • Light brushing
  • Ears cleaned
  • Anal glands expressed if required
  • Nails clipped
  • A spritz of coat conditioning spray to finish

PLEASE NOTE: *A Wash n go is only available to dogs with coats free of matted fur. The odd knot and tangle isn’t a problem but if the coat is matted your dog may require the Full Works. Additional charges will apply if the coat is excessively matted, if the dog has fleas, or if the dog is aggressive and/or hard to handle.

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